The Hottest Trends In Cincinnati Weddings

As in the case of fashion in general, following the trends in weddings whether you live in Cincinnati or elsewhere can be frustrating. Like the seasonal and annual changes in general fashions, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest wedding fashions is no easy feat. There are other trends in weddings that are less related to fashion as they are to other factors that can be local, regional, or nationally based.

Cincinnati Presents Its Own Unique Changes

When you get engaged there are so many decisions to make during the planning process. Rather than making dozens of trips to venues around the city, save yourself time by going to a few bridal events around town. It is so much more effective to go to a venue and have all aspects of a wedding under one tent. You can visit several tables and speak to vendors to determine which bridesmaid’s dresses to choose. Price and style can be addressed all at one time. When it comes to the bridal gown the same factors apply.

Events such as Winter Wonderland Affair, Veils and Cocktails, Bridalrama, and the Cincinnati Bridal Expo, all provide a one-stop-shop to help you make those all important decisions on your wedding. Choosing a reception hall, live flowers vs. silk, wedding planners, cake decorators, caterers, samplings of cocktails and hors d’oervres, all can be experienced. In addition, many of these events offer bridal fashion shows to demonstrate how the gowns and tuxedos look in person, not just in magazines or brochures.

Additional Trends With Cincinnati Weddings

There has been an uptick of couples renewing their vows and more second marriages. For many couples, reaching milestones like 25, 30, 40, or 50 years of marriage is so exceptional that they are spurred to plan ceremonies that include their grown or teen children and loved ones to renew their vows. Other cases where divorced persons meet someone new and decide to take the plunge again are resulting in formal weddings. Sometimes they never had a formal wedding the first time, while other instances are where one person is getting married for the first time to someone who is divorced. The person who previously had a wedding might prefer to just go to a justice of the peace at the courthouse. However, the other person who never had a wedding wants to experience all the pomp and circumstance involved.

The day of the traditional three-tier vanilla wedding cake is fading into the annals of history. Nowadays brides are being offered a multitude of choices and variations on themes. Some examples include a different flavor for each theme. Some brides and grooms extend their own personalities to the cake by incorporating something one or both enjoys. An example was a couple that both loved Lego toys. So their cake decorator captured that theme, by incorporating them into the decorated cake. Cupcakes in addition to or replacing the wedding cake are a gaining in popularity. Bakers are willing to work with creating the dessert of your future. Just make sure you meet with several before making a final decision, paying close attention to reputation and price.

Think You Can’t Design Jewelry? Think Again!

When you are considering custom designing your own jewelry it may dawn on you that your creativity level is not up to par. However with the help of an artisan at a specialized jewelry store you would be surprised at the possibilities.

Designing Does Not Require An Art Degree

Despite obvious concerns about artistic expertise, it really is not necessary. If you can sit down with an expert and express what feelings you wish to evoke through a piece of jewelry, the design will be successful. People are designing his and hers wedding rings, using various stones with platinum, gold, and silver casings. It is even possible to design your own cuff (bracelet), as an edgy wedding accessory.

Since the jewelry we choose can be a reflection of our personality, it is incumbent on the buyer to fully explain his or her personality or that of the person they plan to design the gift for. Jewelry artisans are experts in the field and will take you step-by-step through the custom design process. From initial sketches to building models to final stages, professional artisans know their stuff. After the final rendering they will ask for final approval leading to a spectacular product.

Elements To Consider When Custom Designing Jewelry

There are many options available to those who choose to custom design rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and earrings. Many people get their inspiration from celebrities, magazines, or the Internet on how they want to design jewelry. Some experts have websites that allow you to design your own jewelry online. Selections available on one site are main gem, accent gem, length, and chain style. Birthstones, diamonds, and other stones can be used as main or accent gems. Inscriptions can even be printed on the clasps of bracelets and necklaces.

Eventually you may become so adept at the design process that you end up deciding to create your own personal designs. There are even websites that allow you to establish a business selling your jewelry designs. Some people scour estate sales, antique shops, and flea markets for vintage jewels that can be remade. Your designs can be transformed from mediocrity to modern vibrancy. Soon you will be showing off your own designs that are fit for the red carpet.

A Mattress Topper Is The Perfect Way To Relax


Having problems sleeping lately? You didn’t think much of it at first, but over the past few weeks, your sleep schedule has become more and more erratic. Things at work are going fine, and your personal life is the best that it’s been in years, and so you just couldn’t put a finger on what was causing these issues. That’s when you started thinking laterally- what if your sleep issues weren’t personal, but physical? You started paying attention to your mattress, and noticed that it just wasn’t as comfortable as it used to be. But, short of buying a new mattress altogether, you weren’t sure what to do about it.

Find A Topper That Works Just Right For You

Well, if you’re not looking to invest in an entirely new mattress just yet, why not try a mattress topper? It’s better than the alternative, and you may be surprised just how much they add to your sleeping experience. For mattresses that have a year or two of use in them, but aren’t quite old or worn out enough to justify a completely new investment, mattress toppers can offer you a renewed sense of comfort without having to break the bank in the process. They’re super affordable, and come in sizes for every make and model of mattress.

A Topper Can Save The Day

Going with a topper of your style and choice may just be what you need to get your sleep cycle back on schedule. Just think of them like pillows for your mattress. They add support and comfort to a mattress that may have it’s best days behind it, leaving you feeling just as comfortable and relaxed as when you first got your mattress. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately; the first morning using a topper, you’ll feel energized and ready to face the day. When it comes to your health, rest and sleep play vital roles in your physical well being. Don’t cheat yourself from those precious hours that you need to function on a day to day basis.

Sure enough, after you shopped around online and in person, you found just the right mattress topper for you, and placed it on your aging mattress. Laying back on it was like drifting on a cloud, and with in minutes you were out cold. The next morning, you felt like a new person. The topper saved you hundreds of dollars, and gave you the best nights rest you’ve had in a long time.

4 Easy Tropical Vacation Destinations

Sometimes, life in a major metropolitan American city can take it’s toll. Sometimes, what the mind and the body need more than anything is a healing adventure. If you’re looking to get out of Cincinnati for an extended period of time, and are running short on ideas for where to go, look no further. Let’s talk about your options.


Get Out There And See The World

Picture this– visibility in the water off Nassau in The Bahamas can reach up to one hundred feet, and that’s why it’s home to the world’s best diving. You can explore the Blue Hole, an immense natural hole that’s full of large schools of fish. Then there’s Trinity and Piece of Cake caves, which both have openings large enough to swim through and are home to some of the biggest lobsters in the world. There are also several shipwrecks that have occurred along the reefs all around the Bahamas that make for some very exciting boat tours and underwater adventures.

Next up, a Costa Rica vacation offers nothing but pure beauty, exotic wildlife and countless avenues of adventure and relaxation. You can take hikes through rain forests, climb a volcano, traverse the jungle on a zip line, or simply stay in doors and relax in the comfort of your hotel. Whatever way you go, you’ll find beauty in Costa Rica. Central Costa Rica offers proximity to San Jose, as well as a unique mix of museums, cultural touch stones, and an exotic eco-system. Located in Costa Rica’s famed North Pacific Coast, Guanacaste attracts travelers thanks to pristine beaches, tropical rain forests, and luxury resorts as far as the eye can see.

And of course, it doesn’t matter which one of the Hawaiian Islands you visit, or if you visit all of them- as long as you go and see for yourself that each one offers a tropical paradise with beaches and palms, that’s all that matters. Hawaii is a singular, life changing experience. Those visiting who prefer a fast pace will head to Oahu or Maui, while more those hoping for just pure rest and relaxation will prefer the Big Island of Hawaii, Lanai or Kauai. All of the locales offer a taste of local culture, and if you’re cut out for it, you can even hike around craters and active volcanoes.

There’s So Much Diversity Out There

And last but not least, the wet tropics of Queensland, which can be found along Australia’s northeast coast, are a great find for those who love the outdoors. Although it is not the easiest trip from Cincinnati, once you get there, you will not want to leave.

There are forty-one national parks; rain forests holding butterflies, birds, marsupials, frogs, and tree-kangaroos, along with countless flowering plants. Wallaman Falls holds the record for the longest single drop off of any waterfall in Australia, and you can explore nearly two hundred trails that allow for self guided tours. For those who prefer or need a local guide, there are plenty of eco-tour guides ready to show you the sights. And of course, you can’t forget all the wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. The truth is, there’s so much to do and see, your first trip will most likely just whet your appetite for several return visits over the years to come.

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