Helping Your Pet Age Gracefully

Humans have always had a special affinity for pets (especially dogs), so it’s no wonder that we put so much time and energy into keeping them happy and healthy. More dog owners than ever before want to make sure their dogs age as gracefully as possible and there are several ways this can be done. To ensure your dog ages the best it possibly can, follow these tips.


Keep on the lookout for any changes


As your dog ages pay attention to subtle change in its personality or behavior.  For example, if you’re interested in dog arthritis prevention, then if your dog suddenly doesn’t want to go for walks, this may be a sign that it has the condition.  Any change in predictable routines and behaviors should be taken seriously, and this includes any change in behavior, activity, weight, eating and bathroom habits.  Also if you suspect that something may be wrong, make sure you bring your pet to the veterinarian to rule out any developing conditions.  And be sure to bring your dog to the veterinarian every six months to also on top of any age related illnesses before it’s too late.


Modify for home for senior needs


You can also make subtle changes to your home that can make all the difference when making your older dog comfortable.  Step-up carpet lined steps or ramps are great to have throughout the house to help them get up on your bed, the couch or anywhere else they go.  Easy-entry dog doors to help them independently go in and outside (if this is possible where you live) are also recommended for senior dogs.  In addition to modifying the home, remember to keep in mind that an older dog will have a hard time regulating its body heat, and will get cold or hot quite easily.  Overdoing exercise is also something you want to avoid, since their heart and lung function are also not as good.


There’s no longer any need to feel 100% helpless as your dog ages, but only as long as you follow the above tips.

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